Mindfulness, Yoga, Nutrition, Peer Support and Massage Therapies for Holistic Wellness

Are you keen to use natural methods to:


  • Decrease your stress and anxiety?

  • Have greater physical and mental energy?

  • Sleep soundly?

  • Feel more balanced and content?

  • Increase your enjoyment of the ordinary and precious moments of your life?

  • Feel more compassion for yourself and others?

Totara Wisdom offers a combination of therapies and strategies to help you find the best overall plan to enhance your holistic wellness.


Totara are the gentle giants of many New Zealand forests, silent and powerful guardians of varied landscapes, lending their wisdom and strength to any passer by who cares to stop with them for a long moment.

In the same way that a Totara is fed by multiple roots, so our wellness is also nourished through several pathways: our physical health; how we treat and use our minds through our life-style choices, rhythms and thoughts; our connections with others; our sense of purpose or meaning and our spiritual life (in the absolute broadest sense of the word)

Mindfulness Trainings for Organisations

 Please contact us for further information

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