About Annie Chapman

Annie Chapman comes to wellness coaching with a great love for Yoga, Meditation and natural approaches to wellness.


"My own journey with anxiety, depression and low self-esteem has propelled me to keep exploring and experimenting with all the elements that contribute to my mental and physical wellness.

Yoga and meditation are top of the list and the profound inquiry that naturally gets opened up through exploring awareness in this way; exercising and making time for solitude in nature; experimenting with dietary changes and supplements; using writing as a way to explore deeper questions and offload fears, tensions and limiting beliefs; and staying connected to friends and colleagues who value me.

These have all contributed to the whole picture of transforming frequent unhappiness into an abiding  sense of contentment. I am certainly not immune to feeling down when life throws me significant challenges, but I also have great confidence that when I re-claim the priority to put all these life-affirming practices back in place, life again becomes a source of deep wonder and joy."

"Each of us has a profound natural wisdom which orientates to healing. My role is to facilitate you  uncovering this for yourself"

After home-educating her two children, Annie trained in both Yoga teaching and massage and  has taught Yoga and offered massage therapy for several years in a number of regions of New Zealand and many different contexts.

At the end of 2012 she embarked on a Hikoi through the North Island (walking from Cape Reinga to Wellington) to raise awareness of the need for "wiser and healthier choices" in our mental health services. This concluded with a petition to parliament in June 2013 and a presentation to the parliamentary Health Select Committee in March 2014.


In 2014 Annie trained in "Intentional Peer Support" and "The Art of Facilitating Self-Determination"; in 2015 "Mindfulness-based Movement Therapy" and in 2016 she completed the Mindful Aotearoa "Foundations of Mindfulness" training.


Since September 2015 she has facilitated introductory mindfulness courses for the largest NZ mindfulness provider "Mindfulness Works"


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