Mindfulness  Meditation

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness restores our natural ability to reclaim inner balance and calm.

By consciously bringing our attention back to the present moment we can release ourselves from restrictive and repetitive patterns of tension in the body and mind.

This may sound simplistic: as the "modern father" of mindfulness Jon Kabat Zin says: Mindfulness is simple , but not easy.


Although the techniques of mindfulness are essentially simple: using breath and body awareness to grow our capacity to be fully present,  it does take a certain amount of discipline to commit to a regular practice and thereby reap the many and profound benefits of mindfulness

Thousands of studies from around the world have shown beyond doubt that mindfulness interventions are a gentle, yet potent way to:

  • Alleviate depression and anxiety

  • Reduce chronic pain

  • Calm the nervous system

  • Change neural pathways in the brain to accommodate more optimistic and creative responses

  • Enhance compassion for ourselves and others

  • Improve our ability to make healthy choices

  • Increase our enjoyment of life in the present

Photograph by Tomasz Swinarski

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