Peer support for stress, anxiety & sleep and mood problems

I consider myself a peer in the sense that I have a tendency to anxiety and depression when going through challenging times. I have spent my whole adult life working with all the elements that keep my mood stable and anxiety at bay.



Not choosing to go the pharmaceutical route (for a whole range of reasons) has been a huge motivator to be disciplined with all the things which help me the most, and to keep abreast of all the latest research in the field of holistic approaches to mental wellness.

The things which reliably support my mental wellness are: Yoga and meditation; careful attention to my diet and supplements; exercise in nature; staying connected to nourishing friends; journalling and also (being by nature an introvert) taking time for complete solitude. This may sound a daunting list, but actually all of them are enjoyable in their own right and also support my physical health and vitality! Such a win-win!

In recent years I have  trained and/or participated in facilitating several forms of peer work: Intentional Peer Support; the Art of Facilitating Self-determination and Wellness Resiliency Action Planning. I also have a good understanding  of Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) : through studying the work of Russ Harris and using the principles of ACT in mindfulness facilitation and peer work. Learning new Yoga techniques, meditations and strategies for assisting sleep and reducing anxiety is part of my continuous professional development.

For each person it will be a slightly different blend of elements that are most beneficial. I am passionate to work alongside you as you uncover the main keys to sound sleep and your own wellness and resiliency.

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