Oasis Yoga

Come find a peaceful oasis in the midst of your busy life.


Have you ever felt drawn to experience the many benefits of Yoga, but been intimidated by your own assessment of your current levels of fitness, flexibility, balance etc? Oasis Yoga is a gentle form of Yoga, meeting your body exactly where it is: suitable for Every Body!

This form of mindful, exploratory Yoga, using gentle vinyasa (sequences) and restorative postures is aimed at harmonizing the body, breath and mind in a self-nurturing and easeful way.

We emphasize staying really present with the movements and reclaiming  full use of the diaphragm for breathing, by using several different breathing and movement approaches. Deep breathing using the diaphragm is one valuable key to calming the nervous system.

We also explore guided relaxation and meditation practices.

Classes: for next term TBA

One-on-one sessions also available in Dairy Flat​ or by Skype

Oasis Yoga is a nourishing and rejuvenating way of “coming home to yourself”, with kindness and self-compassion.  

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